The Wind Band Music of Henry Cowell

The Wind Band Music of Henry CowellCMS Sourcebooks in American Music
The Wind Band Music of Henry Cowell
Jeremy Brown


ISBN-13: 978-0815375739
Pages: 346 

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Audio Examples

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Celtic Set

I. Reel

II. Caoine

III. Hornpipe


Vox Humana

Shipshape Overture

Concerto Piccolo (Little Concerto for Piano and Band)

I. Introduction and Step Dance

II. Rondo

III. Hornpipe

Festive Occasion

Animal Magic

Hymn and Fuguing Tune No. 1

I. Hymn

II. Fuguing Tune

Grandma's Rhumba

A Curse and a Blessing

I. A Curse

II. A blessing

Fantasie on a Theme of Ferdinand Kucken

Singing Band