List of Works

Trio for flute, cello, and piano 1987

Trois Mélodies for soprano and piano 1988

Dyptique for four saxophones 1988

Fusion for flute and clarinet 1989

Myth d’Automne for solo piano 1990

Reqiuem 91 for two pianos 1991

Projection I for solo marimba 1993

Les Adieux for flute, clarinet, horn, marimba, and piano 1993

Projection II for double bass and piano 1994

Douol for oboe and harp 1994

Like the Wind That Meets the Lotus for soprano, clarinet, and harp 1995

Trio Ga Eul A-Ga (Autumn Song of Songs) for violin, clarinet, and piano 1996

Dal Bit E (Under the Moonlight) for mixed chorus and piano 1996 

Winter Ballade for solo piano 1996

Four Etudes for three flutes 1996

Kot Ee Ya Ki (Tales of a Flower) for two sopranos a cappella 1998.

In – Chu (The First Day of Autumn) for soprano and piano 1998 

Seven Variations on a Theme by Hong Nan Pa for solo piano 1998

Autumn Fairy Tale for soprano, flute/alto flute, and marimba 1999

Today, Even If I Rise as a Half Moon for soprano and piano 2000

Dessin for soprano and piano 2000 

Sonnet for solo flute 2000

Kot Eun Je Ne Eum Ae (Flower, with Its Scent) for soprano and piano 2001

Ma – Eum (The Heart) for soprano and piano 2001 

Requiem 2001 for two pianos 2001

Mang Hyang (Nostalgia) for soprano and piano 2002 

Kot (Flower) for soprano and piano 2002 

Hwa Suk Jung for solo haegeum 2002

Chul-Li-Hyang (Winter Daphne) for mixed chorus a cappella 2002 

Baek-Hap Eui Mal (Words of a Lily) for mixed chorus a cappella 2002 

Ba-Ram Eui Shi (Poem of the Wind) for horn, trumpet, trombone, and bass trombone 2003

Kwee – Chun (The Return to Heaven) for soprano and piano 2003 

Chan – Ga (Hymn) for soprano, baritone, and piano 2003

Pa Kot for mixed chorus a cappella 2003 

Melody I for handbells 2003 

Melody II for handbells  2003 

Neo-Rul Saeng-Kak Ha-Myun (When I Think of You) for voice and piano 2004 

Anything Beautiful Is Filled with Sorrow for flute, viola, and guitar 2004

A One-Eyed Fish’s Love for flute, violin, and cello 2005

Sa-Rang No-Rae (Love Song) for two violins, viola, and cello 2005

An Gae (The Mist) for three-part female chorus and piano 2005

Bu-Hwal So-Gok (A Short Piece for the Resurrection) for three-part female chorus a cappella 2005

Na Bi (The Butterfly) for soprano, flute, cello, and marimba 2006

Hwa-Suk-Jung for soprano and piano 2006 

Yu San Ga for four haegeums 2007

Flowers are Scattered While the Heart Is Filled with Yearning for violin, clarinet, and piano 2008

Ave Maria for soprano, flute, two violins, viola, and cello (alternate version for soprano, three-part chorus, two violins, viola, and cello) 2009


Music Examples


Example 1: page 1, with emphasis on G5 in oboe, accelerating repetitions in harmonics in harp and oboe, and frequent dynamic shadings with vibrato

Example 2: page 5, with development of the oboe motive D6-Ab5-E5-F#5-C6-Db5-G5, asymmetrical rhythms and changing meters.


Requium 91

Example 1: page 1, showing the six-note pitch structure in piano 2 (B-Db-Eb-F-G-A) and the beginning of the pitch structure in piano 1 (Bb-C-D-E-F#-G#).

Example 2: page 5, showing the different rhythmic levels in the two piano parts.


Requium 2001

Example 1: movement 1, pages 1-2, with angular melodic line in piano 1 and dissonant four-note chords in piano 2.

Example 2: movement 3, page 13, with repeated chords in piano 2 and chromatic/whole-tone scales in piano 1.

Example 3: movement 3, page 16, with imitation on a motive outlining third, fourths and fifths (E4-G4-C5-F4, etc.).