List of Works

Songs (“Dancing Maiden,” “Lake at Night”) for two sopranos 1990

Monologue for clarinet 1990

Trio for flute, oboe, and clarinet 1990

Movement for orchestra 1991

A Day of a Mountain for orchestra 1992

String Quartet for two violins, viola, and cello 1993

Trio for violin, viola, and cello 1993

We Have Found the New Way to Our Freedom for women’s chorus 1993

Poems of My Heart for women’s chorus and harp 1994

When It Begins for orchestra 1994

Piece for flute and piano 1994

Movement for string quartet 1995.

Garak-II for harp 1995

In the Heat of Summer for flute and harp 1996

The Autumn Prayer for clarinet 1997

Early Spring (“Saepum”) for soprano and piano 1998

Melodic Touch on Seasons for soprano and piano 1998 (Soo Moon Dang, KSWC 2001-10)

Christmas Fantasy for organ 1998

Soul (Hon) for clarinet and piano 1999

Dance with Circles for computer 1999

Planet 2000 for computer 2000

Eternal Glory for orchestra 2001

In Harmony with Independence for violin and viola 2002 (Soo Moon Dang, KSWC 2002-05)

A Journey from the Morning Calm for orchestra 2002

Becoming One for daegeum and Korean drums (buks) 2003

Paramron (“Wind”) for mixed chorus 2003

Shapes for marimba 2004

Play for marimba 2004

The Lilac for soprano, flute, and viola 2004

Song of an Old Soldier for soprano, flute, and viola 2004

Toward Uncertainty for flute, viola, and piano 2005

Song of Mongkeumpo for piano, two violins, viola, and cello 2005

Music for Children: The Power of the Truth for flute, oboe, violin, cello, and piano 2005

Continuum for solo piano 2005

Music for Children: A Different Figure, and Different Heart for flute, oboe, and piano 2005

Song of a Broad Bellflower for three gayageums 2006

Sacred Song: The Bell Tolls for soprano and piano 2007

Sacred Song: The Reason for Joy for soprano and piano 2008

Love, Praise for solo flute 2008

Sacred Song: The Light and the Salt for soprano and piano 2008

Medley on Korean Folk Songs for wind ensemble 2008

Sacred Song: Word Became the Flesh for soprano and piano 2009

Rapport for solo piano 2009


Music Examples


Example 1: mm. 1-12, showing four-note ostinato in syncopated rhythm and major/minor seconds in left hand.

Example 2: mm. 33-42, showing first recognizable motive from children’s song and sustained Ab with Db-Eb motive in left hand of piano.

Example 3: mm. 73-82, showing most recognizable version of children’s song within the context of an entirely harmonic section.

Example 4: mm. 83-91, showing triplet figurations with augmented fragment from children’s song.


Song of Mongkeumpo

Example 1: Mongkeumpo Taryong melody.

Example 2: mm. 7-15, showing first phrase of Mongkeumpo Taryong in the first violin with repeated pitches in lower strings and syncopated idea outlining intervals from folk song in right hand of piano.

Example 3: mm. 106-119, showing harmonics and rhapsodicfirst violin part based on motives from folk song.

Example 4: mm. 151-162, showing variants of folk song in violoncello with microtonal intervals, left-hand pizzicato and sul ponticello bowings in other string parts.