List of Works

Robe of the Mist for solo piano 1992 (Korean Contemporary Piano Music, volume III, Eumag Chunchoo, 2001).

Autumn for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, vibraphone, and piano 1993

Min-Sok for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, two pianos, and four percussionists 1996

Summer Rain for solo piano 1998

Scent of Lilac for violin, cello, and piano 1999

Reminiscence for flute, violin, cello, piano, and percussion 1999 (KSCM TCMS-0006, 2000, CD KSCM, no date).

Sand Hills for flute, four timpani, and piano 1999

My Mind Flows as the River for two violins, viola, and cello, 1999 (KSCM TCMS-0023, 2001; CD KSCM, no date).

Longing for twelve cellos 2000

A Song of Sorrow for solo oboe d’amore 2000

Bamboo, Bamboo and the Peaks for four percussionists 2000

The Bamboo Trees Spreading Around for string orchestra 2001

Self-Portrait for two cellos 2001

Awakening from the Hibernation for two pianos 2001

Min-Sok II for samul nori and orchestra 2002

Min-Sok III for samul nori and four cellos 2002

The Journey for four marimbas 2002

Reflection for clarinet, viola, piano, and video 2002

River Bend Motion for flute, oboe, clarinet, mandolin, guitar, harp, violin, viola, cello, double bass, piano, and percussion 2002

Transformation for clarinet, janggo, and two percussionists 2003

Beyond the Boundary for four percussionists 2005

Another Place for solo piano 2003

Longing II for twelve cellos 2003

The Coming of Light for clarinet and viola 2003

A Rhee Rang for three pianos 2004

Mind Game for electronic bass guitar, piano, and dancer 2004

Mind Game II for Korean traditional instruments and Western instruments 2005

Colors of May for four twelve-string gayageums 2006

Tranquil Contrast for twelve-string gayageum and percussion 2006

Four Seasons for solo haegeum 2006

Meditation for solo twelve-string gayageum 2007

Another Place for solo guitar 2007

Sound for four percussionists 2007

The Hill for two pianos and percussion 2007

Sound Motion for four daegeums 2008

Ivy for four percussionists 2008

Time Flux for three marimba players 2009

Keeping Things Whole for flute, clarinet, and percussion 2009

Water Color for solo vibraphone 2009

Heat Waves for daegeum, haegeum, percussion, and piano 2009

Longing for four twenty-five string gayageums 2009

Foot Steps for gum (Chinese string instrument) and Korean traditional percussion 2009

Toward Light for haegeum, twenty-five string gayageum and geomungo 2009

Flowing for haegeum and twelve-string gayageum 2009


Music Examples

My Mind Flows as the River

Example 1: mm. 1-8, with sustained G and staggered entrances outlining major and minor seconds.

Example 2: mm. 13-36, with drone on G, ostinato on G-Bb, and violin melody fluctuating between consonant and dissonant sonorities.

Example 3: mm. 98-105, with pitch repetitions, syncopation and irregular accents.



Example 1: mm. 1-10, with dissonant vibraphone chords, angular clarinet line and colorful percussion effects.

Example 2: mm. 46-51, with dissonant dyads in vibraphone and gradual buildup of texture.

Example 3: mm. 162-170, with multiple layers of activity and clarinet playing in the style of the t’aepyongso.


The Hill

Example 1: mm. 1-4, with undulating minor seconds moving in parallel seconds (piano II), mirror images of the motive of a third and minor second (piano I), and three-note motivic idea in piano I (G#6-E6-G#7).

Example 2: mm. 42-45, with minor seconds, motive of the descending third and ascending seventh, and irregularly grouped rim shots in snare drum.

Example 3: mm. 129-136, with shift to more diatonic sonorities.

Example 4: mm. 166-173, with jazzy rhythms in snare drum and dissonant piano chords.