List of Works

Suite for solo piano 1976

A Piece for cello and piano 1977

Rondo for violin, cello, and piano 1977

Sonata for cello and piano 1978

Three Movements for violin, cello, and piano 1978

String Quartet I for two violins, viola, and cello 1978

Woodwind Quintet for flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, and bassoon 1979

Chamber Music for piano, violin, cello, clarinet, and horn 1979

Ensemble for One Mediocrity and Five Individuals for piano, violin, cello, clarinet, horn, and tape 1979

The Lord’s Prayer for chorus with organ accompaniment 1979

A Piece for orchestra 1979

Yeo-ho-wa, My Shepherd for chorus 1980

Six Pieces for clarinet, piano, and percussion 1980

The Prayer on the Ge[th]semane for soprano, baritone, clarinet, violin, cello, vibraphone, tom-toms, suspended cymbal, and timpani 1980

String Quartet II for two violins, viola, and cello 1981

Six Little Pieces for violin, cello, and piano 1981

The Lord’s Prayer for soprano and piano 1981

String Quartet II for two violins, viola, and cello 1981

Jesus Christ on the Cross for narrator and nine players 1982

Mass for chorus and four soloists with organ accompaniment 1982

Recollection for solo violin 1990

Lyricism for two vibraphones and daegeum 1990

Gyul I for daegeum and percussion 1991 (CD Contemporary Music Society Seoul vol. 18, 1991)

Gyul II (Sori-Gyul) for soprano and piano 1992

Gyul III for solo cello 1993 (KSWC 9404, 1994; CD KSMC vol. 2, 1994)

Eo-ul-lim for violin, daegeum, and piano 1994

If those two are eventually one for two sopranos, baritone, and piano 1995 (Seoul: Korean Society of Women Composers, 1995)

Trio on the tune of “Saiya saiya” for cello, daegeum, and percussion 1995 (Seoul: Korean Society of Women Composers, 1996)

Two Small Lullabies for soprano and piano 1996

Requiem for daegeum and gayageum 1996 (KSWC 9807, 1998; CD Society of Contemporary Music UNJI, 2008)

Serenade for Ars Nova Chamber Orchestra 1996

Three Movements for percussion and string orchestra 1997

Gyul IV for percussion (snare drum and tambourine) 1997

Gyul V for solo piano 1997 (Korean Contemporary Piano Music, volume III, Eumag Chunchoo, 2001)

Suite for solo percussion 1998

Gyul VI (Suite) for solo violin 1998

Suite for violin, cello, and piano 1998

Lullaby I and II for soprano and piano 1998

San-Do-Hwa for baritone and piano 1999

Maria’s Prayer I for violin, viola, and cello 1999

Gyul VII for solo timpani 1999

Gyul VIII for solo oboe 2000

Requiem for orchestra 2000

Lullaby for flute/piccolo, oboe/oboe d’amore, clarinet, and bassoon 2001

Maria’s Prayer II for soprano, clarinet, cello, and percussion 2001

The Tree for percussion quartet 2002

A Song of a Leaving Man for four gayageums 2002

Ba-ram-gyul for two daegeums and chamber orchestra 2002

In Between for gayageum and yanggeum, 2003

A Song of a Man Resting in Peace for daegeum and orchestra 2003

Summer Time for percussion quartet 2004

Beyond There for violin, viola, cello, and piano 2004

A Child Reaching for a Star for tenor, baritone, and piano 2004

Over and Beyond for daegeum and percussion 2005

Over and Beyond for five percussionists and orchestra 2005 (Soo Moon Dang, 2006)

Suite (Nature and I) for solo piano 2006

Nocturne (The Song of Stars) for clarinet, violin, and piano 2007

A Peaceful Scene for soegeum and three daegeums 2007

Over the Mountains for solo cello 2007

The Voice from Home for trombone, two violins, viola, and cello 2007

Gyul IX for solo daegeum, 2007

Time and Tide/Recollection for three performers (high, low, and piano) 2007

Symphonic Poem: The Garden of Stars for orchestra 2007 (Soo Moon Dang, 2007)

Symphonic Poem: The Adoration of Art for orchestra 2007

The Sky for percussion quartet 2008

Man—Life—Love for solo percussion and percussion orchestra 2008

The Memory of the Feature for chamber orchestra 2008

Gyul X for solo organ 2009

The Way of . . . for viola and double bass 2009

Flow for gayageum and percussion 2009

Back to Dust for viola and metal percussion 2009

Hymn for solo organ 2010

Passacaglia for string orchestra 2010

Wood Story for four percussionists 2010

Gyul XI for gayageum and percussion 2010

The Garden of Clouds for thirteen percussionists 2011

Contemplation for clarinet, violin, viola, and cello 2011

The Angel of Snow for thirteen percussionists 2011

The Winter Night Song for three basses and nine percussionists 2011


Music Examples

Gyul III

Example 1: B section, with contrasting note values, minor seconds, expressive dynamics and large interval leaps.

Example 2: D section, shifting to a higher register with tremolos and rapid repetition of a conjunct melodic idea (E-Eb-D-C-Eb-E-F-E).

Example 3: conclusion of F section with shifting registers, and G section, with slower and more sustained motion.



Example 1: opening section, with long notes, dynamic shadings, and pitch-bending in the daegum and the tritone Db-G in the kayagum.

Example 2: section two, with theme based on four pitches (F-Ab-Bb-C) and its variants.

Example 3: concluding section, with daegum climax on Eb6, and tritones preceding the final resolution on G5 and C3.


The Garden of Stars

Example 1: mm. 29-36, with main melody introduced in the trumpet beginning in m. 30.

Example 2: mm. 70-84, with climax in mm. 73-80 followed by more subdued section using glissandos, tremolos and pitch repetitions.