List of Works

Two Movements for flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, and bassoon 1982

Quartet for two violins, viola, and cello 1982

Sonata for alto saxophone and piano 1982 (alternative version for oboe, suspended cymbal, and piano, 1982)

Four Pieces for violin and piano 1984 (revised 1995)

1985 for clarinet, vibraphone, marimba, and double bass 1986

Theme with Seven Variations for solo piano 1986 (revised 1994)

Music for piano and orchestra 1988

Into the Silent Land for soprano and piano 1994

Three Songs for soprano and piano 1994 (KSWC 9504, 1995)

À la barre for solo piano 1995–97 (Korean Contemporary Piano Music, volume III, Eumag Chunchoo, 2001)

Father’s Song: Enjoying Painting Together with a Dragonfly for baritone and piano 1997

Two Ponies for two pianos 1997

Plié Variation for solo piano 1998

Ballet Practice for little ballerina and solo piano 1998

Two Sacred Songs for tenor and children’s chorus 1998

Essays for solo piano 1999

Grandfather’s Trait for alto and piano 1999

Misty Night II for violin, viola, and percussion 1999

Fashion Statement I—“a little skirt, a big sweater” for oboe, horn, suspended high-hat cymbal, and piano 1999

Sonata for viola and piano 2000 (CD KSWC, volume 9)

Ha-Hoe Mask for baritone and piano 2000

Salsa for solo piano 2000, revised 2002 (CD KSWC, volume 14)

Korean Salsa for haegeum and piano 2000–2001

Elegy for cello and piano 2001

Cucumber Music for flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, and bassoon 2001

The Rhodora: On Being Asked, Whence Is the Flower? for solo piano 2002

NaengMyun (Korean Cold Noodle) for solo piano 2002

Two Songs for soprano and piano 2002

A Woman’s Life for solo flute 2003

Song Cycle (Insa-dong Story) for baritone and piano 2003–5

Theme and Five Variations for cello and piano 2003 (CD KSWC, volume 10)

Let’s Go to Insa-dong for mixed chorus 2003

Cucumber Music II for flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, and bassoon 2004

Two Works for baritone and children’s chorus 2004

Ballet Scientifique for MIDI 2004

Reminiscence for clarinet and piano 2004

On Ferris Wheel for flute and vibraphone 2005

Two Works for youth chorus and piano 2005

The Green Shimmering Sound of Water for mixed chorus and piano 2005

Two Songs for soprano and piano 2006

Crescent for soprano and piano 2006

Upon a Prayer for mixed chorus and piano 2006

In Subtlety, in Brilliancy for solo flute 2007

Korean Salsa for two haegeums and two pianos 2007

Remember for soprano, mixed chorus, and piano 2007

When Mom Was Young for female chorus and piano 2007

When Pear Blossoms Are Scattered for female chorus and piano 2007

Laundry for male chorus and piano 2008

Dialectical Salsa for Chinese erhu and piano 2008

Variations for solo piano 2008

And another . . . for solo piano 2008

Pomegranate for female chorus and piano 2009

Air for String Orchestra: Song to the Moon 2009

Gap-Chun (Beautiful River) for soprano and piano 2009

Dancing Dolls for solo piano 2010

Dancing with C-H-O-P-I-N for four-hand piano 2010

Simple Dances for clarinet and vibraphone 2010

While Waiting for soprano and piano 2010

The Day You Come to Me for soprano and piano 2010

A Paraphrase of the Korean Folk Song “Ong-Heya” for two pianos 2011

Pasqueflower for alto and piano 2011

Star in my Heart for tenor and piano 2012


Music Examples

In Subtlety, In Brilliancy

Example 1: mm. 1-24, showing pitch sequence leading to emphasis on Eb, tritone Eb-A, and related three to four-note ideas leading to climax in third octave of flute.

Example 2: mm. 65-78, showing staccato passages on ascending fourths and pitch sequence C5-F4-F5-Eb leading to climax on G6.



Example 1: theme, mm. 1-5, showing four-note motives in right hand and left hand, the resulting dissonances, six- and four-note chords, and minor second followed by A#.

Example 2: variation 2, mm. 1-7, showing development of first to third notes of each motive.

Example 3: variation 3, mm. 1-5, showing the combination of three notes from each motive with the addition of foreign notes.

Example 4: variation 8, mm. 1-18, showing original right-hand motive with pitches inserted in original left-hand motive, leading to a return to their original forms.