List of Works

Azalea for soprano and piano 1972

A Close-Up for cello, marimba, and triangle/timpani 1974

A Laper for soprano and piano 1975

Lake Side for soprano and piano 1976

For the Lamb of Chagall for solo daegeum 1976

Ttuck (Rice Cake) for solo baritone and five female voices 1977

In the Park for flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, and bassoon 1977

Chawkoyo hamto (That Silence) for bass clarinet, viola, piano, ajaeng, yanggeum, percussion, and voice 1978 (Soo Moon Dang, 1978)

Lullaby for solo piano 1981 (Eumag-Chunchoo, 1987)

Quartet no. 1 for two violins, viola, and cello 1982

Lotus (Oratorio) for chorus and orchestra 1983

Symphony no. 2 for orchestra 1983

Reflection 27 for orchestra 1984

Mama for computer 1985

Ascending (Ballet Music) for computer 1986

Three Art Songs from the Poem “Lives Like This Deeply Blue” for Korean traditional female singer with hoon, whang, yanggeum, and janggo 1987

Passing through the Flower Garden (revised from Three Art Songs) for Korean traditional female singer, chuk, bak, gayageum, yanggeum, saenghwang, hoon, piri, daegeum, and janggo 1987

Three Pieces for solo piano 1987.

Voyager II for flute, cello, and guitar 1990 (KSWC 9606, 1996)

Lake Side for soprano and piano 1990 (KSWC 9409, 1994)

Between Space and Silence for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, trumpet, trombone, celesta, piano, strings, and three percussionists 1990

Edges of Space for orchestra 1991

Shijo for solo viola 1993

A Willow for solo viola 1994

East Wind for five percussionists 1995

Shijo Poem I “Ohuu!” for Korean traditional male and female singers with janggo 1995

Shijo Poem II “Gaaih” for two Korean traditional female singers with janggo 1996

Night for baritone and piano 1997

Five Pieces (In Friendship) for solo clarinet 1997 (revised as The Best Five Friends, 1998)

In Siberia (symphonic poem) for orchestra 1999

Night for baritone and orchestra (revised from baritone/piano version) 2003

A Song of the Best Five Friends for solo daegeum 2004 (revised from The Best Five Friends for clarinet)

Fallen Blossoms on Running Water for string orchestra 2006


Music Examples

Lake Side

Example 1: no. 1, mm. 1-11, showing melodic cell of a perfect fifth.

Example 2: no. 3, mm. 1-13, showing sprechstimme and pitch inflections.

Example 3: no. 4, mm. 11-22, showing expanded vocal range and large interval leaps.


Voyager II

Example 1: mm. 1-12, with its pointillistic style and emphasis on the element of space.

Example 2: mm. 49-58, with complicated cross-rhythms.

Example 3: mm. 77-81, with expanding flute line followed by a harmonic passage between the three instruments.


The Best Five Friends

Example 1: movement 1, mm. 1-11, with changes in tone color on Bb and balance between ascending leaps and conjunct descents.

Example 2: movement 4, mm. 1-9, with alternations between ascending whole tone scales and descending chromatic lines.

Example 3: movement 5, mm. 20-22, with quarter-tone pitch inflections and expressive glissando leading to highest register of the clarinet.