List of Works

Quartet for two violins, viola, and cello 1986

Fantastic Introduction and Variation for piano 1987 (Soo Moon Dang, 2002)

Dialogue for flute and guitar 1987

Patoyo Pato for three voices, gayageum, geomungo, ajaeng, daegeum, piri, and percussion 1988

Evolution for three flutes, violin, cello, and piano 1992

Monologue for solo violin 1993

Three Songs for baritone and piano 1994 (CD KSWC, volume 9)

Song of the Sea for orchestra 1997 (Soo Moon Dang, 2001)

Jyeobdongsae (A Cuckoo) for soprano, clarinet, and piano 1999

Guichokdo (Nightingale) for soprano and piano 2000

Gang Gang-Sul-Lae for soprano and piano 2000

Abaca for four percussionists 2000

Into the Flow of Time for clarinet and viola 2001

Two Psalms (nos. 57 and 77) for baritone, violin, viola, cello, piano, and three percussionists 2001

Into the Flow of Time for violin, viola, and cello 2001 (Soo Moon Dang, 2002)

A Story of the Old and Present Days for violin, viola, and cello 2002; revised 2003 (KSWC 2004-04; CD KSWC, volume 11)

Namsadang (A Wayfaring Male Entertainer) for baritone and piano 2003.

A Narrative I for haegeum and cello 2003 (KSWC 2006-03; CD Society of Contemporary Music UNJI, 2008)

Puri for three percussionists 2004

Don-dol-la-ri My Hometown for unaccompanied SSA women’s chorus 2004

Autumn Is Going Away for soprano and piano 2005

At a Port for tenor and piano 2005

Hide-and-Seek Song for unaccompanied SSA women’s chorus 2005

A Song of Affection for soprano and piano 2006

Looking for Jeokbeok for soprano and piano 2006

Meet the Lord (Sacred Song) for soprano and chamber orchestra 2006

Lamentation for twenty-five string gayageum and cello 2006.

Lamentation for twenty-five string gayageum and geomungo 2006

Heading Toward Bak-Dal for saenghwang, clarinet, and percussion (janggo, jing) 2009

Bin-Nyu-Eum for gayageum and janggo 2010


Music Examples


Example 1: mm. 1-17 (opening clarinet solo, recitational vocal line followed by chromaticism and tritones with dissonant piano harmonies and multiphonics).

Example 2: mm. 38-49 (descending intervals in voice followed by dramatic rise to F).



Example 1: mm. 1-16 (introduction showing triplets, threefold statement of ideas, and rolmo rhythms, followed by beginning of A section with pattern of 10 + 6 + 10 + 10 beats).

Example 2: mm. 78-91 (conclusion of B section with shifting accents and cross-rhythms, followed by chant-like opening of C section).


A Narrative I

Example 1: opening section, showing expressive wailing of bird, organization into 3 + 2 + 3 pattern, and ascending fourths in haegum.

Example 2: second section, showing alternating meters and contrapuntal treatment of similar pitch sequences.

Example 3: conclusion of third section, showing tremolos, descending minor ninths, and double stops in haegum part as the daughter is transformed into a nightingale.


Lamentation for kayagum and komungo

Example 1: showing grief motive and variants upon the idea of a minor third.

Example 2: mm. 78-97, conclusion of section three (with tritones, pitch repetitions and dissonant kayagum chords) and beginning of setion four (varied return to the grief motive).