List of Works

Oriental Scholar for solo flute 1986

The Response for horn and drums 1987

The Lucky Number Four for marimba and piano 1987

The Red Line for orchestra 1988

The Space and Sound for vibraphone and piano 1990

Empty Mind for solo cello 1991

Quartet for two violins, viola, and cello 1993

My Song for soprano, cello and piano 1996

Anonymous Weed for baritone and piano 1997

Love in Child for trumpet and piano 1998

Prayer I for string orchestra 2000

Prayer II for solo organ 2001

Deep in Mind for solo cello 2001

Dead Leaves in City for baritone, violin, and piano 2001

Masque Dance for baritone and piano 2002

A Trip into Life for flute and piano 2002

Memory of Good Old Days for violin, cello, and piano 2002

Psalm 121 for soprano and piano 2003

New Arirang for soprano and piano 2003

Psalm 23 for voice and piano 2004

Releasing Deep Grief for orchestra 2004

Requiem for seven cellos 2004

At the Heaven’s Gate for flute, trumpet, and piano/celesta 2006

Psalm 51 for baritone and piano 2006

A Dance of the Woman for solo piano 2007

Lost in Mind for solo cello 2007

Get Lost for solo flute 2007

Fanfare for All of Us for orchestra 2008

Ten Little Pieces (Preludes and Postludes) for Service for solo organ 2008

Psalm 121 for mixed chorus 2009

The Words from Heart for solo cello 2009

Gae-Jeoc San for soprano, cello, and piano 2009


Music Examples

New Arirang

Example 1: mm. 10-21 (with emphasis on minor seconds and tritones, although the contour is similar to the original folk song).


A Trip into Life

Example 1: mm. 1-24 (section one outlining descending tritone with emphasis on minor seconds, and beginning of more animated section two with piano chords outlining fifths, tritones and augmented octaves).

Example 2: mm. 104-127 (section five with piano chords outlining conflicting tritones, and beginning of section six with further variants of the opening melodic ideas).


Memory of Good Old Days

Example 1: movement 1, mm. 1-24 (motives emphasizing major thirds, leading to stepwise melodic ideas outlining increasingly larger intervals).

Example 2: movement 3, mm. 1-15 (series of ascending thirds outlining major sevenths, contrapuntal texture).

Example 3: movement 4, mm. 1-15 (emphatic, clashing harmonies).