List of Works

Septet for two horns, two trumpets, two trombones, and tuba 1993

Philadelphia Nocturne for two sopranos, alto, tenor, bass, flute, cello, and percussion 1993, revised 2004

Resolution for flute, clarinet, harp, and piano 1995

Muse for clarinet and tape 1995

Microstructure for piano, MIDI keyboard, computer-generated sound, and interactive electronics 1996 (Soo Moon Dang, 2007)

Etude for violin, live signal processing, and live electronics 1996

Space for flute, four trombones, four speakers, and live computer-generated sounds 1997

Spectral Etude for solo violin 2000

Reflection for solo piano 2001

Prism for tape 2002

Specialization for four trombones 2002

Bardo for orchestra 2004 (Soo Moon Dang, 2007)

Spectral Sonata for flute and piano 2005

Reverberation for solo piano 2006 (Soo Moon Dang, 2007)

Sumuk for daegeum and cello 2006 (Soo Moon Dang, 2007)

Time Warp for violin and piano 2008

Time Warp II for eleven instruments 2009

Myo-eum for seven players 2010

Sun Chok In Sun for orchestra 2010

Laughing for clarinet and piano 2011

The Butterfly Flies to the Light for soprano, guitar, and piano 2011


Music Examples


Example 1: mm. 1-10 (focus on C# and neighboring tones C/D).

Example 2: mm. 76-90 (harmonies constructed in fourths/fifths, and beginning of concluding section showing return to opening motives with harmonics).



Example 1: mm. 1-23 (emphasis on Bb with long notes and different shades of vibrato, conflict between Bb-B-C, and decelerating pitch repetitions).

Example 2: mm. 44-66 (introduction of heavily chromatic figures).



Example 1: mm. 19-33 (chromatic figures in woodwinds over dissonant string harmonies, leading to accelerating pitch repetitions on another dissonant sonority).

Example 2: mm. 77-85 (climax based on melodic motive C-C#-E-Eb-F).