List of Works

(Note: Many works are self-published in manuscript form through Living Tones; see the composer’s website at for details.)

X5 for solo flute 1985

X4 for solo violin 1985

Movement and Resonance for solo dancer and ten Asian gongs 1985

Kee Maek no. 1 for violin and cello 1986

Kee Maek no. 2 for solo violin 1986

Linking for two violins, viola, and cello 1986

Dasrum for clarinet, cello, and geomungo 1988

Kee Maek no. 3 for viola and cello 1988

Tchong no. 1 for solo prepared flute/alto flute 1988

Liquid Migration for viola, cello, and prepared piano 1990

Refracted Confluence for geomungo and computer 1991

Nong Rock for geomungo, two violins, viola, and cello 1992 (CD Jin Hi Kim, Living Tones, OO discs, 1995)

Video Passage for electric geomungo and video installation 1992

Piri Quartet for oboe/English horn/reeds and three piri 1993 (CD Jin Hi Kim, Living Tones, OO discs, 1995)

Thirty-six Strings for geomungo and five video channels 1993

Electric Changgo Permutations for electric changgo drum and computer 1994

Tchong no. 2 for flute/bass flute and daegeum 1995 (CD Jin Hi Kim, Living Tones, OO discs, 1995)

Yoeum for Western baritone voice and Korean male kagok singer 1995 (CD Jin Hi Kim, Living Tones, OO discs, 1995)

Kee Maek no. 4 for solo cello 1995

Voices of Sigimse for flute, clarinet, viola, cello, double bass, and geomungo 1996

Dance of Meditation for geomungo, Japanese o-tsuzumi drum, Tuvan throat singer, Indian kudyattam dancer, and Japanese noh dancer 1997 (CD Jin Hi Kim, geomungo, OO discs, 2001)

Dragon Bond Rite for kagok singer, changgo, Japanese o-tsuzumi drum, Japanese noh singer, Indian mizhavu drum, Indonesian kendang drum, Indonesian dalang singer, Tuvan throat singer, Korean mask dancer, Indonesian topeng dancer, Indian kudyattam dancer, Japanese noh dancer, and English noh singer1997

Agate Slice for violin, cello, and percussion 1998

Garden of Venus for geomungo, pipa, Japanese yokobue, Balinese gender, and Balinese voice 1999

Dong Dong Dari for kagok singer and computer 2000

Jupiter’s Moons for electric geomungo, kagok singer, and computer 2000 (CD Jin Hi Kim, geomungo, OO discs, 2001)

Dong Dong Touching the Moons for electric geomungo, kagok singer, Indian tabla drums, Indian kathak dancer, Chinese modern dancer, digital animation designer, multimedia designer, and lighting designer 2000

Eternal Rock for geomungo and orchestra 2001

Thousand Years Vivat for clarinet, keyboard synthesizer, two percussionists, geomungo, and pipa 2002

Nori for two percussionists, clarinets, bass clarinet, soprano saxophone, keyboard synthesizer, and optional electric geomungo 2002

Sanjo Ecstasy for electric geomungo, gayageum, haegeum, changgo, drum set, and Shaman trance dancer 2003

One Sky for electric geomungo and string orchestra 2005

Eternal Rock for Korean barrel drums and orchestra 2006

Monk Dance for Korean barrel drums and orchestra 2007

Digital Buddha for geomungo/electric geomungo, video mandalas, and video mix 2007

Nori II for clarinet, soprano saxophone, two percussionists with optional electric geomungo 2008

Nori III for four percussionists 2009

Butterfly Metamorphoses for solo violin 2010

Tribal Greetings for flute, cello, geomungo and percussion 2010