List of Works

(all published by Ricordi Munich, in manuscript copies, not prints)

Pa-Mun for solo piano 1971

Dreisam-Nore for solo flute 1975 (CD Younghi Pagh-Paan, Ensemble Recherche, Audivis Montaigne, 1994; Hans Georg Schmeiser Plays Music for Solo Flute, Nimbus, 1997)

Man-Nam I for clarinet, violin, viola, and cello 1977 (CD Younghi Pagh-Paan, Ensemble Recherche, Audivis Montaigne, 1994)

Man-Nam II for alto flute, violin, viola, and cello 1977/1986

Man-Nam III for accordion, violin, viola, and cello 1977/2005

Sori for orchestra 1979 (CD Musik in Deutschland 1950–2000)

Nun for two sopranos, two mezzo-sopranos, alto, piccolo, flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet, contrabassoon, six violins, two violas, two cellos, and two double basses 1979

Madi for two flutes, two clarinets, bass clarinet, horn, three violas, two cellos, and double bass 1981

Pyon-Kyong for prepared piano and percussion 1982

Flammenzeichen for high or medium female voice with small percussion 1983

AA-GA I for solo cello 1984 (CD Younghi Pagh-Paan, Ensemble Recherche, Audivis Montaigne, 1994)

No-Ul for viola, cello, and double bass 1984/1985 (CD Younghi Pagh-Paan, Ensemble Recherche, Audivis Montaigne, 1994)

Hin-Nun I for two sopranos, two mezzo-sopranos, and two altos (doubling on small percussion) 1985 (CD Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart, Musik in Deutschland, 1999)

Nim for orchestra 1986/1987

Ta-Ryong II for flute/piccolo, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, French horn, trumpet, trombone, two percussionists, two violins, two violas, two cellos, and double bass 1987/1988

Hwang-To (Yellow Earth) for mixed choir, oboe/English horn, clarinet, bass clarinet, French horn, trombone, percussion, viola, and two cellos 1988/1989

Ta-Ryong VI for flute/piccolo/alto flute/bass flute, clarinet/bass clarinet, percussion, violin, Viola, and cello 1988/1998

Hwang-To II for two tenors, two baritones, and bass, 1989/1992/1998

Ma-am for solo female voice or baritone 1990

Ma-Um for mezzo-soprano, alto flute, oboe/oboe d’amore, clarinet, bass clarinet/contrabass clarinet, bassoon, harp, percussion, two violins, viola, cello, and double bass 1990/1991

Mein Herz for mezzo-soprano and baritone (both doubling on small percussion) 1991

Ta-Ryong IV for solo percussion 1991

Tsi-Shin/TaRyong III for two percussionists 1991

U-Mul (The Well) for alto flute, clarinet, percussion, violin, viola, cello, and double bass 1992 (CD Younghi Pagh-Paan, Ensemble Recherche, Audivis Montaigne, 1994)

Bidan-Sil (Silk Thread) for oboe and chamber orchestra 1992/1993

Rast in einem alten Kloster for solo bass flute 1992/1994

Hang-Sang I for alto flute, guitar, and frame drum 1993

Tsi-Shin-Kut (The Ritual of the Earth Spirit) for four percussionists and taped electronic sounds 1993/1994

Hang-Sang II for alto flute and guitar 1994

Ta-Ryong V for two clarinets and Japanese sho (mouth organ) or accordion 1995

Sowon (The Wish) for mezzo-soprano, flute/bass flute, oboe d’amore, clarinet, percussion, guitar, harp, violin, viola, cello, and double bass 1995 (CD Donaueschinger Musiktage 1998, Col Legno, 1999)

Ne Ma-um for solo accordion 1996 (CD Push Pull, Teodoro Anzellotti, accordion, WDR Records, 1999)

Noch . . . for mezzo-soprano and viola 1996

Die Insel schwimmt for piano and percussion 1997

In dunkeln Träumen for mezzo-soprano or baritone speaker, flute, and viola 1997

Go-un nim for chamber orchestra 1997/1998

Sowon . . . borira for mezzo-soprano and orchestra 1998

Bi-Yu for soprano, bass flute, clarinet, and cello (with all but bass flute doubling on small percussion instruments) 1999

Io for clarinet, trumpet, trombone, two percussionists, accordion, viola, cello, and five-string double bass 1999/2000

Roaring Hooves for flute, clarinet, two violins, two cellos, and percussion 2000

Dorthin, wo der Himmel endet for mezzo-soprano and orchestra 2000/2001

Silbersaiten for violin, cello, and piano 2002

Louise Labé for mezzo-soprano, oboe d’amore, clarinet, violin, and percussion, 2002

Moira for mezzo-soprano and accordion 2003

Wundgeträumt for flute/bass flute, oboe/maracas, clarinet/bass clarinet, violin, viola, and cello 2004/2005

Hin-Nun II (White Snow) for soprano, mezzo-soprano, countertenor, tenor, baritone, and bass, 2005

Hang-Sang III for alto flute, viola, cello, and frame drum 2005

Mondschatten, chamber music theater for voices and small orchestra 2006

In luce ambulemus/Im Lichte wollen wir wandeln for solo tenor and orchestra 2007

Vide Domine, vide afflictionem nostram for mixed choir a cappella 2007

Das Universum atmet, es wächst und schwindet for orchestra with Korean traditional instruments 2007

Gi-da-ryo-ra/Warte nur for baritone, daegeum, clarinet, cello, and percussion, 2007

Qui-Han-Nim/Edler Mann for baritone, piri, daegeum, clarinet, cello, percussion, and accordion or saenghwang 2007

Bleibt in mir und ich in euch for organ and percussion 2007

Fanfare for solo clarinet 2008

Mich dürstet for solo piano 2008


Den Müttern for mezzo soprano, piccolo and percussion 2009

Attende, Domine, misericordiam tuam for unaccompanied mixed choir 2009

Unterm Sternenlicht for solo organ 2009

Silbersaiten III for flute, cello and piano 2009

Silbersaiten II for clarinet, cello and piano 2010

Silbersaiten IV for accordion and piano 2010

Hohes und tiefes Licht for violin, viola and orchestra 2010-11

Hang-Sang IV for flute, clarinet and cello 2011

Im Lichte wollen wir wandeln II for baritone and orchestra 2010-12