List of Works

Piece for orchestra 1993

Ring for solo violin 1996

Syrinx for flute and cello 1996

Sign for oboe, clarinet, and bassoon 1996

Dance of the Butterfly for gayageum, oboe, violin, and cello 1997

Gun-Gon-Gam-Lee for two violins, viola, and cello 1997

Hongik Ingan for orchestra 1997

The Moon on a Folding Screen for alto flute, violin, and cello 1998

The Rosario’s Heart for clarinet, violin, cello, and piano 1998

Indangsu for piano and orchestra 1998

Mutual Love for clarinet and violin 1999

Betray of Image for two flutes, two oboes, two clarinets, and two bassoons 1999

Fragile for clarinet, violin, and cello 2000

Wind for solo piano 2000

Word of the Soul for hichiriki, two shos, three twenty-string kotos, and one seventeen-string koto 2001

Legend of Emile’s Bell for orchestra 2001

I Met Him Oasis for solo piano 2002

A Bond of a Double Face for piri, alto flute, and English horn 2003

On the Eighteenth Floor for solo twenty-string koto 2003

Her Dream for hichiriki and seventeen-string koto 2004

This War for solo flute 2004

Dead Man’s Rope for flute, alto flute, percussion, piano, and double bass 2004 (TCMS 0080, 2006)

Tales from the Korean Woods for orchestra 2005

The Earth of a Miracle for orchestra 2002–6

Tao for flute, violin, viola, and cello 2005–6.

Breaking the Ice for clarinet, two violins, viola, and cello 2006

October for solo recorder 2006

Garden of Gods for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, trumpet, trombone, piano, two violins, viola, cello, and double bass 2007

Heung for flute, bass clarinet, piano, violin, and cello 2007

Honesty for solo cello 2007

Rainy Wood for clarinet, violin, and piano 2007

Requiem for three percussionists 2007

St. Peter for solo piano 2007

The Mirror of Orient for two recorders 2007

Dream of the Dynasty for clarinet, trumpet, violin, cello, percussion, and piano 2008

I Am Thirsty for flute, violin, viola, cello, and double bass 2008

Hidden Order for oboe, horn, violin, viola, and cello 2009

. . .But, I Am Free for four percussionists 2009

. . . Like Puppets for five percussionists 2009

Touch of Madness for oboe, clarinet, trumpet, two violins, viola, cello, and double bass 2009

Concerto for trombone and orchestra 2010