List of Works

Dialogue at the Tomb for flute, oboe, and percussion 1984 (revised 1986)

Quartet no. 1 for two violins, viola, and cello 1989

Cello vs. Piano for cello and piano 1990

The Emperor Jones for baritone and orchestra 1991

Samsara for percussion and live electronic sounds 1992

at3 – at, atom, attimo for cello, tape, and live electronic sounds 1993

Tae for percussion, tape, live electronic sounds, and slide projection 1993

Gori (sound installation work) 1993–94

Urban Spiral (sound installation work) 1994–95

Die Weisheit des Durchbruchs (sound installation work) 1994–95

Die Exzentrische Rotation I (sound installation work) 1995

Strings for two prepared pianos 1996

Rikud for prepared piano and percussion (two players, each playing both) 1996

Desert Voyage for chamber ensemble (nine players) 1997

Flugübung for clarinet, cello, prepared piano, and tape 1998

Monologue for gayageum 1999

Die Exzentrische Rotation II (sound installation work) 2000

Piano Bug (sound installation work) 2000

Strings II for gayageum, two cellos, and prepared piano 2000

Vibration for five players (daegeum, saenghwang, guitar, gayageum, and cello) 2001

Silk Thread and Paulownia Tree for gayageum 2001

Space Tuning (sound installation work) 2001

Blue Hexahedron for saenghwang, gayageum, cello, piano, and six dancers 2001

Thread and Needle for daegeum, saenghwang, gayageum, flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, and bassoon 2002

Texture Mapping for gayageum, two violins, viola, cello, and video 2002

Piano Whispers (sound installation work) 2002

Piano Ping-Pong (sound installation work) 2002

Vibration No. 2 for gayageum, guitar, two violins, viola, and cello 2003

Space Tuners for two violins 2003

Dialogue for gayageum and guitar 2003 (duet version of Monologue).

Episodes and Interludes for daegeum, piri, saenghwang, janggo, gayageum, clarinet, guitar, cello, and percussion 2003

At the So-soe-won for baritone, daegeum, gayageum, piano, and cello 2004

Wrinkles for flute, clarinet, piano, violin, viola, and cello 2004

San-soo-in-um for yeochang singer, daegeum, yanggeum, and percussion 2006

String Reaction (sound installation work) 2007

Ssook-dae-meo-ri for yeochang singer, gayageum, percussion, and cello 2007